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COO/CFO/Interior Design Specialist

In the beginning, Jamie’s role in the business was limited to bookkeeping and occasionally answering the phone.  It wasn’t until both of her and Brandon’s children were in school that she had time to use her attention to detail to organize every process of our business.  When Jamie joined the business full-time in 2011, it couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  With demand for our product increasing steadily, her management of the office, vendors and customers kept us afloat and helped us keep up with the increased work-load without sacrificing the level of service that we pride ourselves on.  Her friendly voice on the phone gave everyone who called a feeling of being taken care of.  With our process and office in order and our business continually expanding, we needed more people to keep up with demand.  Jamie has always loved art and interior design, so after we hired Victoria to manage the office, she was able to demonstrate her talent even further when she took over the sales and finish selections role from Brandon.  It was obvious she was a perfect fit, selling 14 of her first 16 presentations.  Jamie is a true expert in every aspect of the Thunderbird Wall, and her sweet and friendly personality reflects our business values and makes our potential customers feel comfortable putting their project in our hands.

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